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're going to see a rain, snow, ice mixture, a mess to the north. while we're at 37 in the city, we're hanging onto the upper 20s to 30s outside the beltway. look the eldersburg 31 degrees. everything that comes in right now -- or i should say in the next hour or so will fall in the form of some snow. you'll notice over the southern suburbs of d.c., back down into virginia, you're dealing with the snow and that's what's lifting up from south to north during the course of the morning hours. you'll notice 15, 20 minutes outside of the city limits and this will start to move in during the morning commute, the tail end of the morning commute. so first is this burst of snow that's going to come in and then it's going to change over to rain for the city. still could be a wintery mix over our northern counties and an ice situation north and west of town, north and west, really, of 83 as you go into they aremont and monkston you could be deal iing with an icy situation. rain totals, that's the other aspect of the storm, one to two inches of rain and there could be some severe weather, maybe
if you know anything about this city, people are from here and stay here. washington, however, is a city where people come and go. isn't there something to be said for that? >> well, there is no question. that's where i think the tradition that you find, that is sustained. there are people who live here generation after generation, there are businesses here and businesses that are run by their parents, grandparents, they are running them. i mean no question washington is a city that people come and leave as administrations change and other things change. and baltimore and federal hill has traditional values. >> thank you for joining us. we'll remind them. >> thank you so much. >> and it is not last report of the year coming up today. >> nobody know was to expect. >> it may be bad. that's ahead. getting the pooches behind the wheel and getting them into a new home. >> we have clouds aroundment we have rain. how long it will last and when the temperatures will make a come back. that's coming up. >>> we're another chilly start. no delays here. what traffic looks like. >>> eight minutes and
? the city is now investigating false citations. >>> it's christmas time in the city. tonight baltimore keeps the holiday tradition alive. we're going to tell you what you need to know if you plan to join the crowds for the lighting of the washington monument in mount vernon. those stories straight ahead. thanks so much for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. weather-wise, it's got to be great for that lighting ceremony. beginning to feel a lot like holidays. after a bit of a reprieve earlier this week. >> yes it's always chilly every year when they have that lighting. you see the people bundled up. >> that's a great thing. >> it is a great thing. >> it's supposed to be. >> exactly. that's what we have for the morning as well guys. bundle up out and about. look at the 20s from ellicott city 29 degrees. the winds out of the northwest at about 5 miles an hour. this will persist throughout the day. we won't be as windy as we were yesterday. that's some good news especially on that northwesterly breeze. we would really be feeling that windchill toda
issued where no law was broken. with more than 40 million dollars in penalties, levied by the city since they were introduced, legislators want to make sure that the law is being enforced fairly and accurately. there's interest because of the high number of citations to residents in the county and high enough of schools and cameras in baltimore county encouraging city and state law makers to come together to ensure the system is operating fairly for children's safety. that news conference will be held today at noon in front of the baltimore city district court in downtown baltimore oncalvert street. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> a man was walking on the ramp to route 50 when he was hit by a car. this happened around 8:30 last night and state police say that the glen burnie man is being cpt alive for medical -- kept alive for medical purpose. >>> a 18-year-old from severn was killed on friday night trying to cross solman's island road at west street. at the time of the collision, it was raining very heavily and the victim was wearing dark clothing. the authorities say she was not in the
disaster aid to individuals in somerset county. the city of crisfield was particularly hit very hard by heavy flooding that damaged hundreds of homes and marylanders would also benefit from $6 billion disaster spending bill going through the u.s. senate right now. >>> don't lose your cool. control your temper. simmer down. simmer down. you ever heard any of these? you have. >> i certainly have. and actually, i don't even need to listen to it it turns out. this morning health experts say it's healthy to get mad. that's right. >> that's great. so love it or hate it. we had some winter weather yesterday. we had a full array of weather yesterday. we weren't the only ones. we're going to take a look at the blast of winter and what it did to other communities. >> getting stranded at the airport stinks. and hundreds of people in texas who were in that situation but it really does help if your pilot is sympathetic. we're going to listen to what a captain told his passengers to ease their frustration. >> anger a healthy. mike masco? >> there's the storm from yesterday. pulling off towards the
to tell you about. we have two in baltimore isn'ty on east saratoga -- silty -- city at east saratoga and green spring valley road at spring hill road. traveling on 795, no problems to report whatsoever. it will be an easy ride heading to the beltway and this is what the beltway looks like. traffic is moving along normal 11 minute ride from 795 all the way down to 95. and as we look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times east side of the beltway in great shape. 11 minutes to travel the outer loop right now from 95 all the way up to 83. and 95 nice and clear in white marsh four minutes from route 43 down to the beltway and the south side will be nice and clear and you won't have any problems getting to the airport this morning. route 295 also going to be free of delays. that's a look at your traffic megan over to you. >>> three minutes after 6. if you thought putting off your holiday shopping would mean less people in the stores, think again. millions of you are expect to go out and do that last-minute holiday shopping and linda so is live at the mall in columbia. what are sho
. >>> at a time when parents are nervous about killing their kid off someone had the nerve to walk into a city school careying a knife. it started off as a friendly day. a advisor came in with a birthday cake and balloons for a relative but skirted past the front office and a fight broke out with a staff member and that visitor poled knife. both ended up with hand injuries and another incident now putting parents on edge. >> i am just sad and speechless right now. i am just hearing something else happened. >> that visitor was taken off to jail and the staff memoirs taken to a local hospital. >>> will a woman convicted of a star afg 15-year-old to death get out of -- starving a 15- year-old to death get out of prison. she is serving 10 years of a 40 year sentence for the death ofsierra jobs she was foster parent to the teen found beaten and starved to death in a home in 2002 at the time the teen weighed 73 pound. >>> news time 6:09. what do you do if you want to prepare for the end of the world? >> if it happens, as some predict it will, one guy says rasedy but the question is how -- ready, but
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7